This is our library of resources on Lived Experience best practices in homelessness work.

Programs and Services

Informing the National Housing Strategy with Insights from People Experiencing Homelessness and Core Housing Need

This report highlights not only the need for increased advocacy to ensure the National Housing Strategy achieves its aims to assure the housing rights of all Canadians, but that there is an urgent need for action. This action must be grounded in concrete efforts to further not only the engagement of communities with diverse experiences of homelessness, but foster lived experience leadership for more effective change.

Office of the Federal Housing Advocate Submission Tool

Presentation on how frontline service providers supporting individuals experiencing housing inadequacy and homelessness can provide an important advocacy link for people with lived experience to have their voices heard and to affect meaningful change at the federal level.

Peers and Lived Experience Built for Zero Canada Database

Information and resources for Peers, Peer Engagement, and Lived Experience.

Nothing about us without us: Centering lived experience and revolutionary care in efforts to end and prevent homelessness in Canada

Radical Housing Journal

This paper considers the importance revolutionary care as integral to the goals of ending and preventing homelessness and achieving housing justice in Canada. This paper is by Alex Nelson,  a Steering Committee member.

Peers and Lived Experience

Built for Zero Canada – The information and resources here are intended to support your efforts in working with peers and engaging people with lived experience (PWLE) in meaningful ways in your work to prevent and end homelessness.

Lived Experience as Expertise: Considerations in the Development of Advisory Groups of People with Lived Experience of Homelessness and/or Poverty

The Homeless Hub

Research of LGBTQ2S Lived Experience of Homelessness in Calgary

Hilary L. Chapple for The Homeless Hub

Making the Shift (MtS) Scholars with Lived Experience Network

The Homeless Hub

The Lived Experience of Establishing a Home After a Period of Homelessness

By Monica Iaquinta for The Homeless Hub

Engagement Toolkit: People with Lived Experience in BC’s Capital Region

Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness

Reflections of a homeless population’s lived experience with substance abuse

By J. Lowe and S. Gibson

Take the Story, Take the Needs and Do Something: Grassroots Women Prioritize Community Based Action on Homelessness  by Emily Paradis

The Opportunity Project: Telling a New Story About Youth Homelessness in Ottawa

A Way Home Ottawa

Moving Forward, Together: Why Integrate People with Experiences of Homelessness

By Laura Prescott and Leah Harris

National Alliance to End Homelessness: Lived Experience of Homelessness Resources, Blogs, and Posts

Lived Experience of Homelessness Supports

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