Help CLELN build a national database of lived experience organizations

December 6, 2021

The Canadian Lived Experience Leadership Network (CLELN) needs your help to build a national database of organizations created for, by and led by people with lived experience of homelessness. Please share our form or fill it out with your organization’s information!


The Office of the Federal Housing Advocate (OFHA) is supporting CLELN in the creation of a Lived Experience of Homelessness database directory. This directory will be a directory of organizations and or entities created for, created by, and led by people who have and are experiencing homelessness. We are asking both individuals and organizations and entities to voluntarily complete a registration form here:



This registration form will collect contact details, location, and brief description of the organization or entity for the Lived Experience Database/Registry.

This database will be utilized by the Office of the Federal Housing Advocate and the Federal Housing Advocate for outreach and future consultation opportunities by Lived Experts across Canada.

Help us spread the word!

CLELN would be grateful if you or your organization circulated our registration request, with the link to the database form to your membership, networks, list serve and within your Newsletter.

We have created a folder with communications materials to help spread the word to your networks:

Click here for the folder with communications materials about the database

We hope to create a robust and authentic directory so that Lived Experts can inform the work of the Federal Housing Advocate to ensure that the Right to Housing is upheld and realized in Canada!

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